In development at Ogre Head Studio


Yodha is a full scale PC game being created at Ogre Head Studio. I have worked on the project since it's inception in December 2017 till present.

I have been a part of the Game Design team from the start. I have also worked on the UI/UX of the game.

In the design area, I worked on everything from Character Design, Game play loop, Shops, Economy, Balance and narrative design.

The game has a lot of mechanics which I am not at the liberty to discuss/display right now as the game is yet to be announced.

For whatever I am allowed to discuss, I have displayed below.


 The game has turn based combat with a novel twist attached, which I will get to in a second. This is the battleground. You see the staples of turn based combat elements in a turn bar, character panels and side view screen. 


 This is the twist I was talking about, the came has no chance based rolls for any mechanic in the battles. Every outcome is defined in the attack bar shown here. The player has to stop the pointer at the desired location to get the outcome. No praying to Lady Luck to win this game. 


 The loot screen has a looter style randomly generated items and loot. The stats on the items are proceduraly generated every time an item drops. The loot has multiple tiers and types that affect the cost of the loot. 


 This is the hubworld or the map screen. The player can travel to multiple locations and fight the enemies at various points. There are upgrade spots spread through out the maps which the player can visit to upgrade their shops. 


Here's a picture of the hubworld during the day! Yes, we do have a day - night cycle! 


 A picture of the town, this is where the shops and the quests are located. This area acts like the central hub for the player and as such is designed at the centre of the map.